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Nurturing women through mentorship programs, either formal and informal, could prove to be a valuable asset in the tech industry and set up the next generation for success.

These programs usually bridge the gap, boost women’s confidence, and assure them that they indeed belong in the industry dominated by issues of diversity and gender inequality.

Learning early in your career or your entrepreneurial journey and seek alternative ways of finding the right mentor often helps you understand the challenges they face in their journey and inspire you to succeed.

Women who go on to succeed in their tech journey often…

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We can all agree that most technical fields are male-dominated, especially technology space. The number of men present tends to surpass women in this field due to multiple reasons, including earlier exposures and a significant sense of curiosity. While growing up, boys are earlier introduced to robots and toy cars, which drives a deep interest in how the toy machines work. Conversely, most girls get to play with barbie dolls and houses. It is a great thing, too, right? However, they tend to lack a desirable interest in how machines or software in general, operate while at their younger age.

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Many of us may have read worrying statistics and articles about the underrepresentation and a limited number of women securing the c-suite positions in the tech world.

Despite this negativity in the tech industry, some of the big companies in the sector have leadership roles occupied by women. Just like in Facebook, the position of COO is occupied by a woman and like in other companies including Microsoft, Alphabet Inc, and Alibaba group.

While the journey to address gender inequality in the sector is far from over, tech firms could still implement new plans and create an ecosystem that will…

Women Entrepreneur Photo by Freepik

What does it take for women to sell their ideas in boardrooms as tech entrepreneurs, close business deals, and simultaneously empower not only their employees but their communities as well?

From the dawn of Artificial Intelligence (AI), inventions of new products and services which simplify our lives, this is how technology has revolutionized the world.

There is no denying that today we enjoy plenty of tech services and products which in the past could have just been something we could not even imagine but technology continues to make the unbelievable a reality.

While the stories of gender diversity dominate the…

Young Women Photo By Adelaide University

It has become notable known that the tech industry is clouded by factors that are more receptive to men and often discouraging women to pursue careers in the field.

Tech is a field that is constantly changing and improving every aspect of our society remains at the center of the debate driven by the issues of gender inequality. Some of the studies even suggest that a lot of work has been done in the past to ensure more diverse inclusion in the sector and yet the number of females in the industry continues to dwindle over the past decades.


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Increased participation of women in the tech workforce has more profound benefits than sore detriments. Recent developments in the world since the outbreak of the pandemic humbled humanity and left the world in uncertainty.

Globally, many companies in almost all aspects of the economy had to close their doors leaving thousands and thousands of people out of the economic sector.

In almost all sectors of the workforce, unemployment has become the most devastating consequence of the pandemic negatively impacting the livelihood of people.

Despite this sore fact, the technology industry is rapidly increasing creating thousands of jobs in the world…

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Technology is constantly evolving demanding new skills in the sector pushing companies to scramble for the best talent to fill new roles.

It was predicted that jobs in computer and technology will grow at a much faster pace compared to other fields in the coming years.

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in this sector are projected to grow by at least 11% from 2019 until 2029. Research predicts these jobs will come from the growth of cloud computing yet women in the tech industry leave their mid-careers to seek opportunities elsewhere.

It is out in open…

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New inventions and products have been shaping and changing our lives since the advent of technology.

We usually wonder what could be the next item that will change our lives, what could be the next tech product that may heal the terminal ill, what could be the next invention that will change the way we communicate and do things daily. We talk about android and iOS app platforms that give space for many young and old to communicate their ideas, do their businesses, and improve their daily living.

Today we are exposed to different tech gadgets and products. But names…

Hi Anod,

Thank you so much for an inspirational comment. It's about time we say enough, enough to the male dominance. Change won't happen until there is proclamation.

Angry Boss Photo Created by Master1305

Women have a more difficult time than men when dealing with conflict, simply because they usually foster a collaborative work environment. Conflict may cause a barrier in the way the employees interact in the workplace. Women put higher efforts and value into fostering relationships with team members, and are more empathetic. It’s even worse when it comes to dealing with a conflict with your manager.

If your boss makes you mad, makes your work difficult to do, and creates an atmosphere where you and your colleagues get uncomfortable, or upset, you’ve got a bad manager. This transpires in many workplaces…

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